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Polyurethane Domed 3D Label

June 14th, 2011

Looking for a new sleek label to make your product stand
out? MR Label Co., recommends trying a polyurethane domed label. The polyurethane
gel overcoat gives the label a 3D look, enhancing your brand name and logo. A
domed label is a great addition to almost any product, from electronics to

Here is how it works! MR Label Co. can work with you to design
your label or you can provide your current artwork. We try and find a standard
tool to fit your label or we can order one to make your label that much more
custom. We use our expertise to recommend the correct base material for your
application. From a simple white polypropylene to a bright silver polyester, to
make your label POP! MR Label Co. can print your label flexographically, screen,
or digital per your specific label application.

After MR Label Co. prints and die cuts your label,
polyurethane gel is applied to the label giving it a 3D look. The polyurethane
is usually 65 thousands thick, non-yellowing, and weather resistant. Contact a
sales representative or estimator for more information about these labels!

3D Polyurethane Domed Label