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Office Renovation

May 28th, 2013

New Tile In Foyer

Earlier this year we did a complete office renovation. We started with getting a new phone system, as we had outgrown our old system over the years. We jointly had to work with our IT company to replace outdated computers at the same time, as well as replacing wires and switches. It certainly has been a learning curve, and all within a short span of time. While all of our vendors were on-site helping with this, we had are tile crew in here redoing our foyer and hallway. It sure did get noisy and dusty while the jack hammer was pounding away!

Carol Meehan Looking at New Desks

In the midst of all of the new technology, our office employees were packing up their old desks that were covered with fun labels they collected over the years. Don't worry we really like our employees, so we had brand new ones on order. They desks were so nice Carol Meehan (company founder), even considered coming out of retirement just to work at them.

After our employees moved everything out of the main office, including the infinite number of filing cabinets, the painters came in over the weekend to give us a fresh new look. The following day we brought in the carpet crew, the blind installer,Main Office Cleared Out and eventually the desk installers. It certainly was a hectic day, but well worth it. Later that week the new kitchen cabinets, flooring and appliances were installed. (The kitchen had also been consumed by filing cabinets, and we’re not sure how we even fit a kitchen table in there.) Later on our new sleek sign was installed in our foyer to helping finish up the project. We only have a few minor touches, but the bulk of the renovation project is finish. I think it’s safe to say we love the new atmosphere in the office.

Pat and Carol Meehan Ribbon Cutting We are very grateful for all of our vendors who were able to work within our tedious schedule, and we never had to shut down as we value our customers and strive to provide them with personalized service. We welcome you to stop in, check it out and maybe stick around for lunch (there’s plenty of room without the filing cabinets).