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Medical Labels

August 23rd, 2013

Bed Panel Caution and Warning Label

Did you know MR Label Co., produces a wide variety of labels that are used in the medical field? We offer thermal transfer and direct thermal labels that are often applied to blood bags, medical specimens, or other general devices or paperwork. What makes us unique is everything we produce is custom. If your facility wants the label finishing on the roll in a different orientation, label spacing, or wind direction, we will produce it that way. Other vendors will only offer you stock items with generic materials, core sizes, etc. We understand that having your labels tailored to your work environment makes your everyday tasks easier, and can help eliminate mistakes.

Featured below are a few labels we have produced for the medical industry:

Flexible Membrane Switch, Graphic Overlay, & Control Panel LabelsGraphic Overlays, Flexible Membrane Switches and Control Panels:

- These labels are typically printed on durable vinyl, polyester or polycarbonate materials. Most of the time we print the ink sub surface or add a thick over-laminate to protect the inks from abrasions, chemicals and cleaning products. Many of these labels require specialty aggressive adhesive, in which we have to convert and custom make the finished material construction.
- MR Label Co., has the capabilities to die-cut adhesive to accommodate backlit and custom dead front displays. We offer embossed buttons and LED lights, among other capabilities.

Medical Pill Bottle Smart Cap Alert LabelPill and Nutraceutical Bottles and Medicine Smart Caps:

- MR Label Co., offers labels that are flexible and can be applied to curved surfaces such as vitamin, pill bottles, or test tubes. We have adhesives that can be applied to blood bags and other medical devices. We stock all temperature adhesives that can be refrigerated or put in freezers. We also offer materials that can be thermally or digitally imprinted with dates and batch codes
- We also produce labels that go on smart medical bottle caps to show patients when they took their last dosage or alarm them when their next dosage should be taken.

Syringe Tamper Proof Medical Packaging LabelSyringes and Medical Device Packaging:

- Many medical devices, such as syringes, need tamper proof labels. MR Label Co., can produce these with custom shapes and colors specifically tailored for your product.
- We also offer general device and packaging labels. These labels can be thermally printed as needed, and contain pictures of the medical device and /or company logos.




These are only a few of the label and decals we offer for the medical industry. This is also only a small representation of the labels, decals, and tags that we produce on a regular basis. Feel free to contact a sales representative ( or estimator (1-888-LABELCO). We can make the proper recommendations to meet your specific needs, and can send samples of materials/adhesives for you to test.