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Green Initiative

It’s hard for any company to escape the idea of being “green” or environmentally friendly. Consumers are demanding for products that are not only made from recycled materials but are biodegradable. Consumers are requesting for the total encompass of a company to be “green,” from the recycling containers in the break room to light bulbs in the shop. Throughout the entire facilities here at MR Label Co, from pre press, to the pressrooms, to post press, and in the offices, we can proudly say we are in some way, shape, or form environmentally friendly.


The purchasing department attempts to place all orders with each supplier at one time, to try and reduce extra unnecessary packaging materials and prevent multiple shipments. The purchasing department also makes an effort to order materials that are made from recycled products, such as our cores for roll labels. We also order products that eliminate unnecessary materials, such as self wound over-laminates, which do not have a liner. Many of our paper stock comes from suppliers that use approved logging forests. Most of our pressure sensitive stock, is created with water-based adhesives, versus the solvent-based alternatives, in which are more harsh on the environment.

Our screen department recycles all of its chemicals used during the exposure process for making printing plates and screens. We have a program with our supplier to recycle the used chemicals, in which they will filer unwanted contaminates and then reuse any good liquids. We also recycle any waste or old films that we no longer need, in which the silver is extracted and re-claimed.

The pre-press, as well as other departments use biodegradable and sink friendly cleaning products. Many of our suppliers offer cleaning products that are fall within the no or low VOC compliances, contain recyclable packaging, no carcinogens, and no ozone depleting ingredients. Many of these products are also made from renewable resources such as soy, corn, and coconut extracts.


It used to be industry standard for flexographic printers to use solvent-based inks. MR Label Co, can gladly say that for more than 15 years we have been environmentally friendly by using water-based inks. This change has greatly reduced the amount of hazardous toxins being released on a daily basis, and has improved the work area for the employees at MR Label Co.

MR Label Co., also uses inks cured by ultra violent (UV) lights in our screen department. In comparison to other screen inks available, UV inks reduce volatile organic
compounds (VOC), demands less energy, and does not require harsh chemicals for clean up. These inks are also not tested on animal. These UV inks allow the press operators at MR Label Co to match colors faster, thus reducing waste and increasing more yield per gallon.

MR Label Co., also offers its customers labels that have been digitally printed. By the use of digital equipment it eliminates set up chemicals that were previously needed to expose films or plates. It also reduces or eliminates most set up materials and has a higher print quality; therefore, reducing waste.


The shipping/receiving department has a separate receptacle strictly designated for boxes to be recycled by our local waste removal company. All of the skids from large shipments are saved to be recycles as well. The shipping clerks at MR Label Co. also attempt to ship all orders for the same company at the one time to help eliminate packaging materials.


Within our offices we recycle copy paper, by re-using it for notes, in printers etc. MR Label Co. employees try email quotes, invoices, and make electronic art proofs whenever possible in efforts order to eliminate paper consumption. We also attempt to recycle any toner cartridges that are accepted by our supplier or a non-profit foundation.


MR Label Co. often donates any material, such as paper stock and ink, which is not up to industry standards to the local community college. Students learning about the printing industry use these materials.

Please note that not all products produced by MR Label Co., are made from “green,” products. Thanks to our suppliers we are able to offer a wide range of stock constructions that are truly environmentally friendly. Please see the following list for available stock constructions. As there are more and more products being offered by our suppliers everyday, please feel free to contact a customer service representative at MR Label Co. (, for an updated list.


– Re-pulpable facestock and adhesive


– Polyethylene bottle material that can be recycled in blow molding

– Polylactic acid (PLA) made from corn that could break down in 47 days

– Tamper evident material

– Direct thermal

– Jet Laser material

– Various kraft papers with 40# liners

– Biodegradable vinyl on heavy board liner with biodegradable liner