Guide to UL Labels

With an overwhelming amount of precise instructions, purchasing the correct UL labels can often seem quite daunting. For example, did you know that while they often are referred to collectively by the moniker “UL Label,” there are actually multiple types or categories of UL Labels?

That’s where we come in–we’ve read up on UL to consult, help you navigate its intricacies, and avoid issues with your UL inspector.

-UL 969 – Common Elements
-UL Mark – Common Elements

To recap, as the requirements vary greatly between different types of UL labels, the best way to think about them is to split them up into two categories: UL 969 (durable labels) and UL Marks (UL logos).

Labels that need to meet the durability requirement of UL 969 Labels and Markings standard need to use pre-approved / pre-tested material constructions that are on file with UL. Quite differently, labels with UL Marks don’t require a specific material. Rather they must have the layout of the logo and other required elements verified. It is worth noting that if a UL mark (logo) is included on a label that’s required to meet the UL969 standard–which is permissible–then the material and verification requirements of both are required to have an in compliance label.

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