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Write Seal, Tamper Evident, Tags, Doming

We at MR Label Co., understand how important labels are. Tags and labels play significant role in giving cautions and information to a product or item.

It has always been our goal to provide our clients with durable, high-quality, and long-lasting labels and tags. We use top-quality adhesives to ensure that your labels will adhere properly to a variety of surfaces while keeping the printed information readable.

Promotional and Novelty Labels

– Polyurethane 3D domed labels (automotive grade)
– Foil and embossed labels (anniversary and seals of excellence)
– Custom scratch and sniff labels (NOT stocked items)
– Re-wettable ink for coloring books and tattoos
– Glow in the dark labels and decals
– Sports helmet decals, car magnets

Permits and Tags

– Durable custom polystyrene and vinyl tags (10mil- 40mil thick available)
– Consecutive number hang tags and parking permits
– Hole punch with string or special die cut shapes
Self-laminating tags to seal hand written dates
– Removable window permits


Tamper Evident and “Void” Labels

– “Void” will appear on product and back of label when removed
– Tamper evident labels shred when being removed