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UL/cUL Approved Labels

The Underwriters Laboratories (UL) has been researching and testing product safety since the 1800’s. UL is an independent safety certification organization in which evaluates thousands of products, and materials annually in efforts to ensure safe public, living, and working conditions. UL continually promotes safety science and education.

You have problem come across a UL approved product because they are everywhere. Have you ever looked at electrical cord label on a hair dryer or lamp and seen one of these logos? UL/cUL Labels These are all products that must have a UL approved safety label. UL requires that these labels are not only constructed using proper materials but must be printed by a UL approved vendor.

MR Label Co. has a plethora of UL /cUL approved adhesives and substrate combinations, including Type R and Type L. our products are recognized under the Standard for Marking and Labeling Systems, UL 969. These materials are continually tested to meet UL compliance regulations. MR Label Co. consistently submits various adhesives and substrate to UL to broaden our certified material sot meet our customer’s need.

Below is a list of our 3 UL/cUL files for labels that MR Label Co. produces on a daily basis:

PGDQ2 (USA) & PGDQ8 (Canada) (Component-Marking and Labeling System)
PGJ12 (USA) & PGJ18 (Canada) (Component-Printing Material)
PDGIS2 (Component-Marking and Labeling Systems Limited Use)

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